Wherein I beg for your bucks.

Here’s the long and the short of it: I sent a stripper, as me, to my high school reunion, rigged it so I could feed “Andrea” info, and filmed the whole thing.

To say anymore would detract from the trailer, posted below in longer format (6 [pants-peeing] minutes) or here in shorter format (2 [hi-larious] minutes).
By September (in time for Sundance, heeeeey!), yes, this September, these trailers will have an actual documentary to represent, but in the editing meantime, enjoy these quicktime hors d’oeuvres.
But hey, guess what? Movies are expensive to make and my bankrolling credit cards are almost max’d! So if you do enjoy it please please and thanks in advance, donate some of your hard earned or trust fund cash to its completion! Send US american dollars to andrea at ihateselfpromotion.com . No amount is too small, nor too great. And for your generous donation my love for you will burn like an eternal flame, a movie will be made, and your name will be in it. Promise. Unless you don’t want it to and then it won’t. Money talks.
People talk, too, so tell everyone you will ever know.