andrea yelling at a drunk dude

it’s not the best clip, but since it’s the only one we have, here’s where we’ll show some footage of andrea grabbing a drunk guy who tried (and briefly succeeded) to crash ermp’s saturday looks good to me show in the summer of 06.

i couldn’t get him of the stage (and i was really fat and scary then!), our big/awesome sound guy jesse couldn’t get the guy to budge, and then andrea asked me if i wanted her to do something about it before proceeding to grab this dude, spill his drink (!), and tell him to “get the fuck off my stage.” we have provided subtitles on the clip where we can since andrea obviously/regrettably wasn’t mic’d.

now, we didn’t take this clip (thanks joly/punkcast!), but whatever, it’s classic cheenos. and doesn’t andrea look cute in ponies?

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