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andrea wachner’s bio, by sb

andrea wachner is from southern california but hates it as much as a new englander would, ie, she hates it as much as if not way more than me. she’s produced tv promos, written stuff, and made garments that people have purchased. while she looks like the kind of person who rescues one-toed kittens and makes her own maple syrup, she is actually the kind of person that will make a drunk asshole cry and mock a homeless person, especially if he’s ugly. andrea used to work in children’s television, which is funny because of her general unwillingness to procreate and have to watch baby einstein dvds. she is a vegan but i bet she’d eat person’s flesh if she hated the person in question enough. i am glad she is my friend if only for that reason. andrea has lived in new york for ten years.

e-reach her at andrea at ihateselfpromotion dot com