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In The Can

Thanks to one Mr. Jason Das for not only writing a post about me on the other day, which made made me feel funny inside, weird funny, not ha-ha funny (which, forgive my lysdexia, you should see that movie if you haven’t), but for taking my wordpress from the past and making it into one of the present! Now I can post all sorts of goodies with ease!

So, seeing as I am now in some sort of throw down with Diane Sawyer– why won’t you air the segment, GMA? Is it because you couldn’t punk me?! Hunh the wha? It’s not so easy is it? And I watched the show the other day. Don’t give me that bull donkey about it being sweeps and me getting bumped for breaking news. I got bumped for a segment on doggy doors — she may be like eight (8) feet tall (approximately) but I am SCRAPPY. I am pretty sure I can take her. I’m starting to wonder if that trip to NY with Cricket was all a fever dream and there is no segment that isn’t airing.

In any case, I’ve done some other interviews I can share with “you.” Here’s a visual I hand crafted in response to the question, “Just out of curiosity, what was your real trajectory in the 10 years between high school and the reunion?”from Laura Roberts at Black Heart Magazine:andrea-timeline2

And here’s some audio to accompany it! I did some radio interviews that “you” probably couldn’t hear because “you” probably don’t live in Iowa, or Buffalo or anyplace in Texas and so probably-also don’t listen to their radios at an obscenely early hour of the morning. This one is from The Shredd & Ragan Show 103.3 The Edge, WEDG-FM Buffalo/Toronto.

laptubs and modelhops

I have just returned from NYC with my better half, where I got her to re-record the outgoing message on my voicemail, be a vegan for 24 hours, and almost crash a party Madonna was throwing in our super swank hotel. We had sunken square bathtubs I swam laps in, all the bellmen were models, and a mini-bar which included $5 condoms. We had such a good time (even though I spent half of it on the phone) on Good Morning America‘s dime (excluding the mini-bar. Lesson learned the hard way)!    ny.jpg
On Saturday night at 2 am I got chased down the street, stopped, and asked, “Are you YouTube girl?!” and photo op’d. I don’t have that picture yet– he promised he’d send it to me, even though he didn’t know my name.
We taped our segment bright and early yesterday morning, but they’re saying it ran extra long (Us? Mouthy? SHOCKING) so the earliest they have that much free air space is this coming Monday, May 11th at 8:15 am. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’m not gonna say anything until Monday, May 11th at 8:20 am, at which time I will have words. But in case you think I’m dreaming too, I do have this pic to prove that I really did cuddle on the GMA couch with Diane Sawyer (even though she looks like a hologram)nyc1.jpg

Oh, I will say this, cause I don’t think the cameras were rolling at this point, I asked her and Mike to make me an adoption offer so I’d seem more in demand to Steve. She laughed. In my language, that’s a “Yes.”

IRA on GMA Monday, May 11th at appx. 8:15 am.