sb just taught me how to post!

i’m officially up to speed on a 2002 lifestyle!
also, i had one Maria’s Special Margarita and it has made me a wee bit “special.”
Here are some brief thoughts about the trip thus far:
1. trucks should not be allowed in the left lane. not now. not ever.
2. driving is only fun when you are going over 73 mph. (today was my first 75 zone, weeee!)
3. after 3 hours sitting in a car my ass starts to hurt.
4. Jesus saves!
5. in the middle/south there is surcharge for leaving the meat out of things
6. Dollywood really is the most amazing place on earth. I have never felt more able-bodied/thin/interested in laser tag. know how sometimes on airplanes you get the emergency exit row and the luxurious amount of leg space is mind blowingly awesome? Handicapped hotel rooms dude. we had a seat for our shower last night.
8. any amount of celebrity can secure you either a billboard shout out at city limits (carrie underwood’s home town!), a theme restaurant (toby keith’s!), or no wait, that’s it. restaurant or signage.
9. morning’s aren’t THAT bad.
10. There is a large chain of stores called Outdoor World that is Indoors. i will never go inside one, but i love them with all my heart.