So clearly you no how to right. I’m excited about this idea and can help you develop it into something like Elektra meets something that made money. But I’m trying to read between the lines. Looking for hints or suggestions of how I could allow you to master my universe while simulatneously allowing me to take you to places you’ve never been.  I am not a confident cocky guy.  Sware.  EXCEPT when it comes to really feeling confident about what I know… and I know this: I would make you feel like a princess. A goddess.

So, do you want to come into the office and talk about your pitch or meat me for a glass of wine and let me make every pore of your body sing out with joy?

The fam is well, thanks. Rose turned 2 last weekend!
Alan [redacted]
[redacted] MEDIA
[redacted] BLVD.
10th [redacted]
LOS ANGELES, [redacted]
310-[redacted]  Direct

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