I met my manager Alan in the fall at a panel discussion at the Odyssey Theater (cause it takes 20 years to get there) and then re-met him (I remembered him, he didn’t remember me) at Sundance Film Festival For Parties, Free Hats With Too Much Embroidery and Weight Loss Camp ’08.  I haven’t officially been signed yet– he’s calling it “hip-pocketing,” and he’s an Inappropriate Toucher. But he’s a GREAT manager! At an even GREATER management company! And I just know he’ll get me an agent who can sell anything and is a really really nice and caring person, so it’s cool.
Since the strike ended, Alan won’t return my phone calls or reply to my emails, but what he will do is read my blog posts and reply to them with his own blog posts, so feel free to stop reading here:

Heya Alan [redacted]!

I’ve been hard at work on a new, new idea and I think it’s ready to pitch. And specifically, I think it’d be perfect for Warner Bros., but you tell me:

It’s the next Batman movie– except Batman would be played by Liza Minnelli.
Liza’s already on-board.

Let’s take over the world together like you said!
Hope the fam is well.
-andrea yay

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