See Most of Me on CU@USC

3159Last Friday I suddenly remembered that about a month ago I had consented to be interrogated, grilled relentlessly or interviewed by USC TV on a show called CU@USC.

How could I talk about my movie all over again and still be enthusiastic when I’ve told and re-told the story so very many times? How can I make this fun?

I know! I’ll give myself a black tooth and pretend like everything is totally normal and nothing’s wrong. So I hustled over to Robinson’s Beautilities, one of my favorite stores in all of Venice, CA only to find that they were out of black. Out of black? What colors do they have? Gold and “Smoker.” I would not be deterred! I doubled back to one of those pop-up Halloween stores where, for the right price, anything can be transformed into its sluttiest version and got some Tooth Blackout (extra slutty):