LA Observations: Ongoing

California is OCD over Chicken.** The Food Pyramid, which you might remember as the Four Food Groups, of Los Angeles are: Chicken, Tacos, Thai food, and Sushi.

My exciting new blog-hobby is to keep a list of the names of all the chicken-centric food serving establishments I see, most of which are in the Literalz! style of naming, and many of which include the word California. How fun!

Yes, I am vegan.

1. Koo-Koo-Roo

2. El Pollo Loco

3. KFC

4. Star Chicken

5. California Chicken Cafe

6. Zankou Chicken

7. The Chicken Lady

8. Musical Chicken Grill

9. Popeye’s

10. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

11. Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken

12. Roro’s Chicken

13. Kyochon Chicken

14. Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe & Bar

15. Pioneer Chicken

16. Pollo A La Brasa Western

17. El Pollo Inka

18. Bill’s Chicken

19. Alwazir Chicken

20. Dinah’s Fried Chicken

21. Louisiana Fried Chicken

22. Amber’s Chicken & Donuts

23. Cal Roasters

24. Charo Chicken

25. Chick’n Chow

26. Chicken Dijon

27. Chicken On Fire (PERSONAL FAVE!)

28. Flame Chicken

29. Juan Pollo

30. Los Pollos

31. Pollo Campero

32. Pollo Grill

33. Pollo Land

34. Reddi Chick

35. Chick Fil A

36. Rotisserie Chicken

37. Rotisserie Chicken Cafe

38. California Rotisserie Chicken Cafe.

39. Spin Rotisserie Chicken

40. Big Chicken

Ok I made up #38, but I’m sure it exists somewhere and I just haven’t seen it yet.

more TK, I’m guessing.

**There’s your one (1!) good thing about LA, SB. You loooove bird boob.